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Greyhounds as Pets

Since the early 1990’s when retired racers first became available for adoption, over 190,000 greyhounds have found homes as pets. Especially during the last ten years, greyhounds have become extremely popular as pets because of their gentle and loving temperament.

Greyhounds are one of the best natured of all breeds. They are sweet, calm, gentle, quiet, and loving with children and adults. Greyhounds have lived with other dogs their entire lives, so they enjoy the company of other dogs, and especially enjoy being with other greyhounds. Most greyhounds can also live harmoniously with cats. Greyhounds are so revered by their owners, that many families adopt a second or even a third greyhound.

Greyhounds available for adoption are usually between 2-5 years old. They range in size from about 50 lbs. for small females to 90 lbs. for large males. Most greyhounds are 60-75 lbs. Greyhounds come in a wide variety of colors, with brindle, black, red, and fawn being the most prevalent. They may be solid colored or white with patches of any other color.

One of the nicest things about greyhounds is that they are very clean and extremely easy to groom. Their hair coat is so short that they require minimal brushing and bathing, they shed only lightly, and they have no doggie odor.

As a general rule, greyhounds are healthy. Since they have been bred for hundreds of years to be sound and be fast, they are free of many of the congenital ailments of other breeds. With proper care, the average life of a greyhound is twelve years or more.

One of the great myths about greyhounds is that they require lots of exercise and need a lot of room to run. Greyhounds actually have low to moderate exercise needs. In your home, they will enjoy a short romp around their fenced yard or a walk around the neighborhood. They immediately find the softest spot in the house for a nap. Many greyhounds live happily in apartments, condominiums, mobile homes, and even RV’s.

We hope you will consider adopting a greyhound. Whether you are a family looking for a playful friend or an individual looking for a devoted companion, the intelligent, well-mannered greyhound may be just the pet for you!

To learn more about greyhounds as pets, you man wish to read: "Adopting The Racing Greyhound” by Cynthia Branigan. This book is available at Amazon.com, at local bookstores, and in many libraries.

Greyhound Support Transport was established solely for the purpose of transporting greyhounds to adoption groups. We do not handle adoptions ourselves. If you would like more information about adopting a greyhound, please check with one of our adoption partners or go to www.adopt-a-greyhound.org for a list of adoption groups near you.


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