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How the Greyhounds are Transported

  1. When a greyhound “grades off” or is injured and can no longer race, the owner of the greyhound at the race track or the greyhound’s trainer notifies GST that the dog needs to be moved from the track into adoption.

  2. GST volunteers obtain information on the dog, including gender, color, age, personality, size, racing name and medical records. If possible, each greyhound is tested to see if they would likely be tolerant of cats in a pet home.

  3. GST volunteers take a photo of the greyhound that is available for adoption and forward it, along with the other information obtained from the trainer or owner, to one or more adoption groups that may be able to place the dog in a pet home.

  4. GST contacts reputable adoption groups about each of the greyhounds that need to be moved into pet homes until there are enough dogs going to a geographic area to make the haul, usually 10-20 dogs.

  5. If the adoption groups want vet work done prior to shipping the greyhounds, a veterinary appointment is made at this time, and the dog is spayed or neutered, wormed if necessary, vaccines are updated, and the greyhound’s teeth are cleaned.

  6. GST volunteers then coordinate the scheduling, route, and number of greyhounds going to each adoption group along the way.

  7. GST volunteers make sure that all the dogs are ready to go on the haul, check health certificates, make sure the dogs are clean, with nails trimmed and proper name tags and collars on each dog. The dog trailer is cleaned and shredded paper is placed in the kennel boxes so the greyhounds will have a comfortable trip. In Summer months, we make sure that the generator on the trailer is working properly so the dogs can ride in air conditioned comfort to their new homes.

  8. GST volunteers check each dog one last time and load the greyhounds on the kennel truck or trailer and they are on their way to a new life as a pet.

  9. Volunteers from each adoption group meet the kennel truck and trailer at pre-established locations along the way to pick up their dogs.

  10. Once all the greyhounds have been delivered, the kennel truck returns to Florida and the process starts over. A new group of greyhounds will soon go to their new homes.

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