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Sandy Paws

Light-hearted and a lot of fun! Small groups of people walk up to a wine-tasting counter and a server gives you a card with a list of wines. You indicate what wines you would like to taste and your server tells you a little about the wine (type of grapes, aged in an oak or metal cask, sweet, dry, etc.) while he pours a small amount in your Grapehound Wine Tour glass. As you taste the wines, you get to know the people around you and your server. When you’re done, you can buy a bottle or two of wine you like, go outside and walk the grounds, enjoy the views, relax in the shade at a table on the winery’s patio, or move on to the next winery. (You still have 15 to go!) You set the pace.

Held every July | More information about Grapehound Wine Tour!


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