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We are currently working with several adoption groups in the United States and Canada. We move greyhounds that were raised and/or raced in Florida to these groups for adoption on a regular basis. We are very grateful to the volunteers of these groups for their dedication to the cause of greyhound adoption and to their hard work in finding homes for the greyhounds we send to them.

Greyhound Support Transport would like to plan a trip from Florida up the East Coast every 6 weeks. Since most of the greyhound tracks have closed in the North East, the haulers will only be taking the dogs one way and, unlike in the past, will come back to Florida with an empty trailer. This means that we need to be able to send 25-30 dogs on each trip to make the haul in the least expensive way.

Our next trip will be around the end of February or first of March. Please let me know if you can take a few dogs on this trip. All vaccines will be updated and the dogs will have current health certificates. We can arrange for vet work to be done here in Miami prior to the haul if that will help you. Information on the greyhounds available and their photos will be provided prior to the trip. We are also able to cat test each dog if you need to have that done.

Please contact me and let me know how many dogs you can take and if you have any specific preferences as to male/female, younger/older, etc.

I appreciate your continued support of Greyhound Support Transport and of the Florida greyhounds. Some ideas for raising money for transportation costs:

  • Increase your adoption fee by $10 to help with the transportation cost of their dog.

  • Remind adopters their greyhound has travelled from Florida and that their adoption fee now includes a transportation component.

  • Each adoption group hold one fundraiser per year (bake sale, silent auction, raffle, etc.) and contribute the proceeds to GST.

  • Ask the adopters and members of your group to sponsor one dog airline flight to an adoption group. This will allow special needs greyhound's to be moved quickly to their adoption groups without having to wait for the next haul.

Sincerely, Monica Rigo: President, Greyhound Support Transport, Inc.
and the GST TEAM

Make Peace With Animals
Cynthia Branigan, President
New Hope, Pennsylvania

Carol Vinnacombe, President
Portland, Oregon

Greyhound Friends-New Jersey
Linda Lyman, President
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Green Turtle Cay/BahamamamaGreyhounds
Francie Field
email Francie: pinkielea29@gmail.com

Greyhounds Pets of Atlantic Canada
Jeanette Reynolds
email: greyhnd@ns.sympatico.ca

Forever Home Greyhound Adoptions
Paula LaPorte
email: paula@foreverhomegreyhounds.com

Triangle Greyhound Society
Christina Newsome
Raleigh, North Carolina

Greyhound Gang
Claudia Presto
Kanab, UT

Greyhounds as Companions
Pat Colitsas
Delmar, NY

Greyhound Rescue of New York Inc
Doreen Nasser
Ballston Spa, NY

Oregon Greyhound Adoption
Emily Oishi, President
Gresham, Oregon

Almost Home for Hounds
Dr. Heather Weir
Nunn, CO



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