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If you represent an adoption group and would like to partner with us to move the greyhounds from Florida to your area for adoption, we would love to talk with you. You would just need to take some of the greyhounds we transport for adoption. It would work best if you could take dogs on a regular basis, whatever time frame works best for you, and whatever number of dogs you wish to take on each trip to your area. If you can take some dogs on one trip and not another, that is fine as well. We will contact you in advance any time we are transporting greyhounds to your area, and you can let us know what your needs are.

If you are an adoption group in Florida, you may be able to help by taking some greyhounds into your program from time to time that have to be moved from the track on an emergency basis. It would be very helpful if you could take these greyhounds when we do not have the time to organize a trip out of state.

For more information on becoming an adoption partner, please contact us at: 305/753-1985 or e-mail at: contact@greyhoundsupporttransport.com

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